I’m pretty sure you heard the news, Google, like every company under the sun at this time of the year launch their new products, that includes their flagship smartphone Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL and some other cute stuff but one of those products just sticking out, it screams “heeeeeey loooook at meeeee human” but not in a good way, in the way “I’m hilariously hideous so you must notice me senpai” kind of ways. And that product called Google Pixel 3XL or more specifically, Google Pixel 3XL Notch. I mean look at it :

That notch just makes iPhone X Series notch belong to a modern art museum. source: this guy twitter

Google Pixel 3XL notch is so unnecessary huge, so unreasonably punch in the gut aesthetically wise, so far stretch from reality even makes many tech youtuber think that was a joke from Google, so when they release “the real Google Pixel 3xl” without notch (many speculated that imaginary smartphone would be called: Google Pixel Ultra), we will be surprised with tear of happiness and even google implied they have something else in mind in their last-minute buzz before the event :

the thing about imagination is they often clash with reality.

and to make my life (or everyone who’s not a fan for notch trend in a smartphone) that much difficult, it also has a huge chin at the bottom :

Because….Reasons?. source: Google

why? I don’t know, nobody knows, i think not even google nows. So as most humans do, we make fun of something we don’t understand and the memes that come out because of Google Pixel 3XL notch are pure golden :

Sorry guys i stole your ideas for my thumbnail, yes I’m that lazy. Source: TLD & D2D

This one from twitter is my favorite :

And human also doesn’t think with their brain anymore for something they don’t understand, they use their heart. So let me just do that, I felt that Google Pixel 3XL notch is Apple Fault. Because Apple started the notch smartphone last year with iPhone X and look what happened, every smartphone brand, no matters high end, mid end, random Chinese stuff, and their mother started making a phone with notches :

Why? Because Apple did it ! so it must be good.

Apple, as the market leader of the smartphone in terms of mindshare, have so much power to influence the rest of smartphone industry (or any industry really), and for them what apple does with their product considered as the best thing to do for their bottom line.

Why? Because Apple makes sooo much money and what company want the most? Yes sir you’re correct, welcome to capitalism. A company, whether is Apple, Google, Asus, Xiaomi,Pocofone, Mito Limbad, you name it, are not your friend. They wanted your money, and you’re wanted their products. As simple as it sounds, as complex as it actually is.

And if we keep buying notches smartphones at ridiculously high price, they will see the sales spreadsheet and be like “this bitches actually are buying this notches jokes at this price, lol” so they will keep offering this edge to edge display marketing mumbo jombo to us.

Wait, so by that logic. This notches phenomenon, including ones at Google Pixel 3XL are not Apple fault, they are our fault? It’s not that simple, but if you’re searching for someone/something to blame, Yes it’s our fault. But where’s the fun out of that?